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Paul Hyde shared this idea 7 months ago
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Would it be possible to support other protocols outside of HTTP and HTTP like SFTP or FTP to allow for some use cases we have within our business

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Thank you for your suggestion regarding supporting additional protocols such as SFTP and FTP within Filecloud.

To better understand how we can accommodate your needs and explore possible interim solutions, could you please provide more insights on the following:

  1. Use Case Clarification: Could you describe the specific scenarios within your organization that necessitate the use of SFTP or FTP? This will help us understand the context and importance of integrating these protocols.
  2. Integration Expectations: How do you envision the integration of these protocols into your current workflow with Filecloud? Are there specific features or functionalities you're looking for in this integration?
    Your detailed feedback on these points will be invaluable in helping us understand the potential impact and necessity of such a feature, and how we might prioritize its development in the context of Filecloud's roadmap.



Thanks for your note.

Use case is simple in that we have some devices which are Linux based hardware appliances which are unable to use HTTP or HTTPS as a protocol. Softcat manage around 200 of these devices which both send logs and back up configs over SFTP, this at the moment requires Softcat to continue to use an SFTP server rather than FileCloud. We also have several customers who have MFT solutions which are not licensed to use HTTP or HTTPS and are only able to use SFTP.

In terms of integrations we would really just be looking for folders to be accessible using SFTP so that we can point SFTP clients towards FileCloud and provide the ability to upload and download files.

I am aware there is a workaround using network shares, this is not something that we can use as we are hosted online and not on prem, this also does not remove the need for us to have a separate SFTP server.

If you need any further information please reach out either here or paulhy@softcat.com


Thank you for providing a comprehensive overview of your use case and the specific requirements for SFTP support within FileCloud.

Your insight into the limitations of the current workaround using network shares, especially considering your online hosting environment, further emphasizes the need for a native SFTP solution within FileCloud. We recognize that the absence of this feature necessitates maintaining a separate SFTP server, adding complexity to your infrastructure.

Given this feature's clear demand and critical nature for your operations, we will prioritize this investigation within our development roadmap. While we cannot commit to a specific timeline now, please rest assured that we understand the urgency and importance of this feature.

If there are any further details you'd like to share or additional requirements you foresee, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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