Add option to move Recovered Files location from Policies

Kent shared this idea 5 months ago
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Wanting to change the Recovered Files location through the Policies section instead of individual computers. Have had issues that if the recovered files path is over 256 characters, it fails to save to the folder.

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Thank you for your Suggestion.

We recognize the potential issues, such as the challenge with paths exceeding 256 characters, and are keen to understand more about your needs and experiences. To help us assess the importance and feasibility of this feature, could you please provide more insights:

Frequency: How often do you encounter the issue with the path length limit?

Impact: How does this limitation affect your operations or recovery processes?

Preferred Solution: Besides the ability to move the Recovered Files location through Policies, are there any specific features or alternatives you envision for this solution?

Use Cases: Any particular scenarios where this feature would be highly beneficial would greatly aid our understanding.

Your feedback is invaluable in helping us prioritize and enhance Filecloud to serve our community better.



I'll answer the questions with the first bolded words

Frequency: It's roughly a few times a week, but been lucky enough with the Cache being shortened to pull from there for files that fail to save both in destination and in Recovered Files.

Impact: If the destination folder fails to save due to file path length AND the recovered path + %appdata% location is above the file path length, the only recoverable location is in the Cache and otherwise if the client is restarted or the Clear Cache button is used, that data is just lost.

Preferred Solution: Frequency: As long as there's some way to guarantee a recovery folder for failed saves, I'm fine with it. It's currently close to a gamble if the Recovered Files folder is failing to save.

Use Cases: Data loss due to a system limitation is nigh in-excusable in my work environment. I need a near 100% success rate of either saving or at least a recovery location that's not easily cleared.


To further elaborate, File Explorer cannot exceed a path of 260 characters, and FileCloud is forced to abide by it. The default path of C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\FileCloud Drive\Data\{user data name}\Recovered\[Path} adds a TON of extra characters, as opposed to changing to a short path like we have available to the Cache setup. Our cache is setup to use a folder right off of C:\ and so it takes roughly 33 characters. If a file fails to save and FileCloud attempts to save to the Recovered Files location, it will fail if there’s too many characters in the cache vs the Recovered Files locations.

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