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Kent shared this idea 2 months ago
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Currently the workflow settings for Admin Approval of New Devices is global, and we'd like to add granular settings to groups that if they're in a specific group they do not require admin approval.

I.e. we use a set of cloned virtual machines that require the user to login to FileCloud Drive every time they login to it, which requires admin approval for every login they perform to their virtual desktop. Since these are temporary virtual machines, they're deleted once the user logs off / disconnects.

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Thank you for your valuable suggestion regarding the Admin Approval for New Devices settings in FileCloud.

We understand that the current global setting may not be ideal for all use cases, especially for organizations like yours that utilize cloned virtual machines. Your suggestion to add granular settings to groups is indeed insightful and could potentially enhance the flexibility and usability of our platform.

To help us better understand and evaluate your suggestion, could you please provide more details on the following:

  • Could you elaborate on the use cases requiring granular control over admin approval for new devices based on user groups? Understanding the context and frequency of this need will help us prioritize its development effectively.
  • You mentioned using temporary virtual machines that require frequent logins to FileCloud Drive, triggering admin approval for each login. Can you provide more details about the specific workflow within these virtual machines and how often users need to access FileCloud Drive? This will help us explore alternative solutions or integrations that might streamline the process.

While we explore the development of granular settings for admin approval, here are some potential alternative solutions that might address your immediate concerns:

  • Trusted Devices: FileCloud allows for the designation of specific devices as "trusted." Once a device is marked as trusted, subsequent logins won't require admin approval. This could mitigate the need for constant admin intervention for temporary virtual machines, provided they are used in a controlled environment.
  • IP Allowlisting: You can configure IP allowlisting to restrict access to FileCloud only from specific IP addresses. This can be helpful in scenarios where temporary virtual machines operate within a designated IP range, eliminating the need for admin approval for logins originating from those addresses.

Your detailed feedback on these points will be invaluable in helping us understand the potential impact and necessity of such a feature and how we might prioritize its development within the context of FileCloud’s roadmap.

We look forward to your insights and thank you for contributing to the continuous improvement of FileCloud.

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