Wildcard for Metadata Search

Kent shared this idea 2 months ago
Gathering Customer Feedback

A Wildcard character for Metadata would be hugely beneficial for searching content imported with Metadata. Could search variables such as partial names, PO numbers, and many more functions as well.

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Thank you for your suggestion

We appreciate your insight into enhancing FileCloud's search functionality. Using wildcards for metadata searches can offer a more flexible and powerful way to locate files based on partial matches in metadata attributes. Could you provide additional information to help us better understand the impact of this idea and refine it?

Use Cases: Can you provide specific examples from your daily operations where wildcard search in metadata would significantly streamline tasks? Knowing more about these scenarios can help us appreciate the breadth and depth of the use case.

Current Challenges: It would also be helpful if you could share more about the challenges you currently face due to this feature's absence. Are there any workarounds you are currently using to overcome these challenges?

In the meantime, FileCloud’s advanced search options allow you to search for files based on their metadata. While we don’t currently support wildcard characters, you can search for exact matches of your metadata. Please refer to our Advanced Search Guide for more information on utilizing this feature.

Thank you once again for helping us make FileCloud more efficient and user-friendly. We look forward to your detailed insights.

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