2FA for external users on Essentials

Keith Moran shared this idea 2 months ago
Gathering Customer Feedback

Filecloud offers 2 factor authentication for external users, but only on the 'Advanced' plan.

I am sure there are many customers, like our company, who are a long way from having the requirements for the 'Advanced' product license. The additional features of 'Advanced' are not required by us, and we are already overpaying to reach the minimum number of licenses on Essentials. But this leaves us unable to utilise an enhancement of login security.

We have some external users for which we need to send files regularly and setting them up with an external account simplifies this. The data being sent can be of a sensitive nature and clients are now so used to seeing 2FA that it is expected by many.

So I request that consideration is given to making this feature available on the Essentials plan. Or at least that it can somehow be purchased as an add-on. It is unfortunate that a security control such as 2FA is not available to some users without the requirements for the full product.

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Thank you for your valuable feedback.

We have received similar requests from other customers seeking enhanced security features without the necessity for the full suite of capabilities offered by the Advanced plan. To address this, we are currently exploring options to offer more flexible solutions, including the possibility of purchasing specific features like 2FA as an add-on. This approach would allow our customers to tailor their security settings according to their specific needs without upgrading to a higher-tier plan.

Thank you once again for your suggestion and for helping us improve FileCloud.

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