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R. Franken shared this idea 2 months ago
Gathering Customer Feedback

It would be great if it would be possible to share files/folders with an activation date/time. eg: I share a file, people get an email stating the date and time when it is actually accessibale. Before that date and time the share should present a message with the date and time when the share is actually accessibale. This way you can prepare shares under embargo.

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Thank you for sharing your suggestion,

We recognize the importance of effective file-sharing capabilities, particularly when it comes to managing sensitive information with time-specific accessibility. To better assess the potential impact and feasibility of your suggestion for embargo shares, we would appreciate more detailed insights:

Use Cases: Could you provide specific scenarios within your organization where the ability to set an activation date/time for shared files or folders would significantly improve your workflow? Understanding these scenarios will help us grasp the context and urgency of this feature.

Your detailed feedback on these points will be invaluable in helping us understand the potential impact and necessity of the embargo shares feature and how we might prioritize its development within the context of FileCloud’s roadmap.

We look forward to your insights and thank you for helping make FileCloud even better for our community.

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