Filecloud Sync Client File Locking Detection from Filecloud Drive and Web GUI

Jarbydev shared this idea 14 months ago

Is possible to Filecloud Sync Detect if a file has been locked in the Web GUI or Filecloud Drive. right now Web GUI and Filecloud Drive file locking works as expected, if User A locked the file in the Web GUI and user B tries to open the file in the Filecloud Drive, User B receives a filecloud notification about the file being currently locked by User A.

In the Case with Filecloud Sync if User A Locked the file using the web GUI or Filecloud Drive, User B is still able to open the same file using the filecloud Sync with no warnings about the file if it's already opened or locked by User A. So if user A makes changes to the file and saves them and User B make changes to the same file and saves them it will cause conflict and it will require more time to compare the changes and that is a productivity issue.

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Thanks for your feedback, we will consider it for our development roadmap. Currently file operations done via applications to the sync folder are not captured, so we are not able to show file locked information. We will consider this.

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