FilecloudDrive - better handling of no connectivity

Thomas M. shared this idea 14 months ago

The Drive client is evolving nicely. I think it's an important part of Filecloud so it's great so see focus on it.

However, when starting the computer without any internet connection - and with FilecloudDrive autostart enabled - it fails with a host not found error and then displays the login screen. If network connectivity is gained the client needs to be restarted before drive is mapped.

My suggestion is to make this behaviour more silent - at best a notification popup. There's no reason to confuse the user with "host not found" errors, I mean that's a given since there's no connection, right?

Just make the client silently retry the connection every 30 second or something and then map the drive when it's available.

Keep up the good work

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We show a message on Dashboard that connection has been lost and u can reconnect or logout.


Thanks for the feedback. We will consider your feedback.

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